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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: Know When (and How) to Use Each

Inbound, outbound, all around you hear these terms, but what exactly do they mean? What’s the difference between inbound vs. outbound marketing? And how does knowing all this marketing jargon help you reach your potential customers? We get it; it can be challenging to keep up with different marketing techniques. But – and we hate […]

Start Here: Email Marketing for Beginners

One of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email marketing, is still just as effective as it was many years ago. In fact, it has become even more effective in recent years following the dreaded events of 2020. With people spending more time at home, ecommerce businesses have returned to email marketing – and have seen […]

Your Start to Community Management

Welcome, social media enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered how your favorite social media pages, like those of certain businesses or influencers, stay so lively and engaging? Well, it’s all thanks to something called community management. If you’re eager to learn how to build and nurture online communities, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive […]

Behind the Scenes: Pulling Back the Curtain of Influencer Marketing

How many times have you scrolled through your social media feeds and stopped on an influencer’s post promoting a product or service? That’s the power of influencer marketing. The rise in popularity of influencers has made them invaluable to businesses looking for ways to engage with their customers and increase brand awareness. Understanding exactly who […]

How to Nail a Strategic Email Sequence

Believe it or not, email marketing crushes other strategies in ROI (source: Demand Curve). It’s one of the most effective methods for reaching out to existing customers, building relationships, lead nurturing, and generating sales. But successful email marketing is way more than just hitting “send.” A lot goes into making the right (profitable) email sequence.