Five popular AI tools for marketing automation.

These 5 AI Marketing Tools Are Changing the Game

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that artificial intelligence has taken the digital marketing world by storm. It went from a few quirky tools you could play around with to powerful parts of a digital marketer’s arsenal. Now, you would be hard-pressed to find something that’s not going down the automation rabbit hole. AI tools for marketing play a huge role in digital marketing strategies, including content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing automation, and even customer support.

Don’t be afraid; AI-powered software is not taking your job anytime soon. The fact is that despite the massive advancements made recently, AI still can’t fully replace a human. Instead, it remains a very helpful tool we can leverage to make our jobs run smoother and more efficiently — and even improve customer experience. With so many options out there, what are the best AI marketing tools?


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. When you think of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is probably the first thing that comes to mind — and that’s for a good reason. ChatGPT from OpenAI is one of the more versatile AI tools out there. The powerful chatbot can help marketers with many different tasks, such as helping in content creation, writing product descriptions, research, SEO optimization, etc.

ChatGPT’s initial release to the public in late 2022 kickstarted the public’s obsession with AI, and ChatGPT quickly became the most popular AI tool available. Using the power of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), this AI chatbot can generate topic ideas, write short pieces of copy, help in research, and answer any questions you may have.

As a generative AI tool, ChatGPT stands out amongst the rest. However, even the best of the best can’t be perfect. While GPT-3 is available and free to the public, the most recent version, GPT-4, is behind a paywall. To use the latest and greatest version of this AI-powered tool, you need to shell out $20/month for ChatGPT Plus. GPT-3 works off of slightly outdated information and is not nearly as sophisticated as GPT-4, making pricing an important factor in your decision whether or not to use ChatGPT.

With that said, GPT-4 still isn’t perfect. While it is helpful with content generation in the way of brainstorming topics and writing in short form, it still cannot generate high-quality long-form content. However, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Even if you fully disregard the content creation aspects of ChatGPT, you still can leverage the tool to help with research and SEO rankings.


Jasper.AI is a writing tool that can also generate images. Near the top of the mountain of AI writing software, Jasper.AI generates long-form content in real-time as you watch, all based on merely a few words of prompt from the user about the topic, target audience, and tone of voice, making it an excellent addition to your content marketing.

As with all AI-generated writing, the content created isn’t perfect. While Jasper.AI tends to do a very good job matching the tone and brand voice you’re looking for, it can still sound generic, lacking the little things that make human-made content read the way it does. Due to the writing lacking personality, many marketing teams opt to utilize Jasper.AI’s generated content for first drafts and then edit the copy themselves afterward to be more suitable, which can still help your workflow. There have also been some issues with copywriting for niche topics being written poorly due to the lack of existing material about the subjects.

Regardless, Jasper.AI is still one of the best writing tools that AI technology has produced so far, proving to be useful for many in certain aspects of their marketing campaigns. Jasper.AI offers pricing in tiers, with word count limitations put in place based on which tier you pay for. Each tier offers over 50 templates available for use as well. If you are looking for a helpful writing assistant, Jasper.AI might be your new best friend.

Sprout Social

If you are looking for help with social media management, Sprout Social might be the AI-powered helper for you. Sprout helps streamline your social media marketing strategy, putting all of your social needs in one place, with its many different features for a wide variety of social media apps.

Sprout Social’s key features allow you to schedule and publish social media posts, monitor your interactions, give simple responses to messages, help you with your content calendar, generate reports with your metrics about customer data on different platforms, and more. Sprout utilizes artificial intelligence to help take over the repetitive tasks that come with managing your social media profiles and gives more time for you to be creative in your social media marketing efforts and content strategy.

The biggest negative of Sprout Social is the price tag. The standard pricing tier is $199 per user per month, with the pro version costing $399 per user per month. This makes Sprout by far the priciest tool of the ones mentioned. However, the tough hit on your wallet is justified, as Sprout is largely considered to be the best social media management tool on the market today given all of the intuitive features available and the actionable insights it provides. If you have the extra budget to spend, there are worse ways to use it than a Sprout Social membership.

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is here to make your email marketing strategy go smoother than ever. Email marketing can often be tedious and ineffective due to overuse. Seventh Sense understood this and created this tool to make your email campaigns simple, easy, and effective.

Not only does Seventh Sense’s AI automate the sending of emails, but it also optimizes send time and frequency to increase deliverability and boost conversion rates. Seventh Sense integrates with either Hubspot or Marketo to fine-tune email marketing campaigns that may already exist.

As far as pricing goes, Seventh Sense starts at $80 per month billed annually for the Hubspot version. However, this only includes 5,000 contacts, and if you want more contacts available, you need to pay more. For Marketo, the price takes a big jump, going up to $450 per month, however, this version starts with 50,000 leads with the same stipulation of increasing increments of 5,000 costing more.

Seventh Sense is a very valuable and useful tool, especially if email marketing is a big part of your overall digital marketing strategy. With that said, it is much more worthwhile if you are a Hubspot user as opposed to Marketo. For small businesses that are trying out an email campaign, it can be very helpful assuming that you are a Hubspot user.


In case there weren’t enough, here’s another chatbot AI tool. However, ChatFuel is very different from other chatbots like ChatGPT. ChatFuel is specifically designed to integrate with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and your own business website. ChatFuel is meant to serve as a salesperson or as customer support, alleviating those tasks from you.

The ability to integrate into different social platforms as well as your website is what sets ChatFuel apart from others of its kind. While AI does still lack that “human quality” in its communication, ChatFuel communicates clearly and effectively with customers, makes simple sales, and helps with customer support queries. This can be extremely helpful for ecommerce, with ChatFuel algorithms taking control of the more repetitive parts of running your business.

In terms of pricing, ChatFuel starts inexpensive at $14.39 per month with an allotted 500 conversations each month. If you engage in extra conversations past the allotted 500, you are charged $0.03 for each additional conversation. They also offer “Enterprise Pricing,” which starts at $300 and is tailored to your business’s specific wants and needs.

Are You Ready to Leverage AI For Your Business?

AI tools for marketing have advanced far beyond plagiarism checkers and predictive text in Google Docs. As time goes on, more and more AI marketing tools are becoming available to make marketing teams’ and content creators’ lives easier.

While there are plenty of use cases for AI, there are more options for marketing strategies: that’s what Lift Marketing is here for! Reach out today, and we can get you started on any and all of your digital marketing needs.