A collection of UX design tool logos, including Adobe XD and Balsamiq.

5 of the Best UX Design Tools for Beginners

User experience (UX) is everything when it comes to great website design.

Between elements such as visual designs and functionality, there are many moving parts that come with the UX design process. To help make this a little easier for those who are new to UX design, we have compiled some of the best UX design tools that can help you take your design abilities to the next level.

User Experience vs User Interface

While both user interface (UI) and UX share the goal of improving the user’s satisfaction with your website, and UX design tools can at times also serve as UI design tools, they do not refer to the same thing entirely. UI typically refers to the visual elements of web design. This includes design elements such as color choices, graphics, iconography, etc.

UX, as opposed to focusing mostly on visuals, will put heavier focus on elements such as layout, user flows, functionality, and copy that the user will read, all while considering user intent. So, while visual design is an important part of the overall user experience, it is not the sole focus of a UX designer.

Steps to Good UX Design

Since UX is all about the user, typically you want to center your brainstorming around them. This means doing UX research on different iterations of your website. This means doing user research and even user testing as you develop your interface design. UX design software can help with this by providing heatmaps that show you where your users are most active on your site, and even successful templates for you to base your own web design around.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the most popular UX design tools out there, for beginners and experts alike. Adobe XD serves as an all-in-one UI/UX tool. Able to satisfy your graphic design, prototyping, and wireframing needs, this tool found in Adobe Creative Cloud is a welcome addition to any UX designer’s repertoire.

Adobe XD also includes real-time collaboration features, making this a great tool to use for team members as well as individuals. With capabilities for creating interactive prototypes and intuitive wireframes, Adobe XD can help along several parts of the user journey.

While not as comprehensive a graphic design platform as some of Adobe’s other products such as Photoshop or Illustrator, XD includes simple graphic design features and limitless artboards, sufficient enough for basic needs.

Compatible with both macOS and Windows, Adobe XD has enough to satisfy nearly any UX designer. Adobe XD offers a free plan for starters, albeit a limited one, only allowing for one document and two exports. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month, and are included in Adobe Creative Cloud, which costs $52.99 per month and includes over 20 Adobe apps.


If you are not familiar with wireframes, they essentially serve as a website’s blueprint. They act as a visual guide for the website’s framework. A wireframe is used to determine page layout, as well as aides in functionality to account for and satisfy user needs.

Balsamiq is a wireframing tool that is the perfect blend of being simple to use and being top of the line. Using a design that resembles a paper sketch, Balsamiq removes any distracting design elements to leave you with a simple wireframe to develop and perfect before developer handoff.

With a very user-friendly interface, Balsamiq is a fan-favorite among UX design teams. Pricing starts at $9 per month to be able to work on up to 2 projects at a time, $49 per month for 20 projects, and $199 per month for up to 200 projects.


This cloud-based design platform, Figma, is excellent for A/B testing, high-fidelity prototypes, and putting out a beautiful finished product. With drag-and-drop features, advanced prototyping tools, and even animation capabilities, you get a great deal of high quality features in this one digital product.

With the added abilities of designing transitions and defining user interactions, mockups made with Figma can often look like final products. Figma’s simple to use design makes this an easy tool for beginners to start using. Figma also has a wide selection of plugins to add even more help for things such as usability testing.

Figma includes a free plan, with paid plans that cost $12 per month, $45 per month, and $75 per month, gaining more features and capabilities as you continue to upgrade.


Sketch is a terrific tool for creating vector icons, and includes collaboration tools to help you work together with your entire team. Also with the ability to automate workflows, as well as prototyping capabilities, Sketch is a great beginner option.

Sketch is a macOS exclusive platform, but integrates with many other applications, including Marvel, Origami Studio, and Proto.io. Overall, it is very similar to Figma, but does not include a Microsoft compatible app.

Pricing starts at $10 per editor per month, with a business subscription at $20 per editor per month. There is also an option to purchase a 1 year license at $120 per seat.


Mockflow is a wireframing tool that makes website and software product design easy. Its excellent user interface and drag-and-drop feature for premade assets make creating wireframes quick and easy.

Mockflow also has simple prototyping features, making it a good multi-purpose tool. With its simple to use features and its UX design capabilities, Mockflow is a good option for beginners who are trying to get used to wireframing and prototyping.

Pricing starts with the free basic plan, with premium costing $14 per month and the teampack version costing $27 per month. There is also an enterprise option, which you can receive a quote for based on your company’s specific needs.

Get Started With UX Design Tools

With any of these 5 UX design tools, you will be in position to get started down the path to having a phenomenal user experience for your website. With simple and easy access to wireframing, prototyping, and basic graphic design, even as a beginner you will be able to do great work for your website.

If you still aren’t sure if you are ready to take that leap, Lift Marketing can help you out. Our staff of web developers are excellent with UX design, and are happy to help you take your small business to the next level. Just reach out to us here and we can get you started.