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What Is Responsive Website Design? (It’s Okay If That Sounds Like a Foreign Language)

It doesn’t take a web development guru (but we have those, too) to realize that the way consumers access the internet has evolved. People are hitting the web more than just at their home computers, so responsive website design was born. Responsive web design addresses that reality by displaying web pages in a way that makes them adaptive to different devices with different screen sizes.

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Mastering the Launch of Your New Website

Are you a small business owner looking to launch a new website? It can be daunting, but don’t worry – there are plenty of strategies and options that you can explore. Don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in the right place!

Your new site is part of your brand, and you want it to be a great representation of it. We understand that – but a lot goes into it whether you take on the task yourself or hire professionals. And trust us; there’s a big difference. Let’s walk down the right path to a new business website step-by-step.

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Looking at the Most Important Website Design Elements

You can have the most amazing, high-quality content in the world, but if your website design elements are difficult to navigate (or just straight-up suck), then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. If that wasn’t clear enough: in 2016 alone, people spent more than 7 billion hours on websites – almost twice as much time spent watching videos on YouTube. That’s how important it is to get this right.

Sometimes, people head to your website after finding you on social media. Or a first impression is made after a potential customer types in some keywords on Google (thanks, search engine optimization). They’re on your page; now you want your site to be user-friendly, right?

So let’s look at some key elements of successful websites and how they impact user experience (UX). Don’t just keep scrolling; these are important elements to understand.

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Does Your Business Need A Website Redesign?

If you’re a small business owner considering a website overhaul, it’s time to get excited! Website redesigns take your online presence to the next level. Whether your current site is outdated, has poor functionality and performance, or you just want to refresh your brand image, a website redesign can help bring new life into your digital home.

A great way to determine if you need a website rebrand is to see what’s (not) working on your current site. Determining whether or not you should take on a website redesign project can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. So, how do you determine if you need an entirely new website?

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Website Design vs. Web Development: Is There A Difference?

There’s no doubt that the internet has revolutionized how we do business and live our lives. Who isn’t on the internet at any given point in a day? Here’s the thing: there is a team that develops every single thing connected to the web.

There are two main players in the world of web: website design vs. web development. While these two disciplines are different, ultimately they work together, sometimes blending, to create a functional website. Search engine optimization (SEO) web design is making a website that leads to higher search engine rankings, which we’re guessing you probably want.

Think of it this way: Your website is the structure that was designed by web designers, or architects. Web development is the construction portion, with the people in charge (software engineers) like contractors.

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The Essential Questions to Ask Any Website Design Company

A high-quality website adds legitimacy to your brand identity. Your business’s online presence must extend further than just simple social media channels to reach potential customers.

Let’s assume you’re in a situation where your business needs a new website. It might be because your business is new (or a startup), or maybe because your business hasn’t had a website redesign since 2004. Regardless of the reason, you need website development services. There are plenty of professional web design companies out there — how do you know what to ask so that you get the best website for your money that makes a great first impression for your target audience? Don’t worry, because here’s a list of questions you NEED to ask any web development company:

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