Marketing agency in a meeting discussing small business SEO strategy.

4 Reasons Why Small Business SEO Strategy Is Crucial

You’ve got a great product or a unique service. You’ve opened your brick-and-mortar location, or maybe your eCommerce site is now up and running. You’re ready for customers, but why aren’t they showing up?

Well, are you ranking in Bing or Google search engine results? Is your small business website search engine optimized?

In today’s world, you can’t rely on clients to find you by accident, word of mouth, or dumb luck. YOUR small business needs an SEO strategy, and here’s why…

Digital Marketing 101: What Is SEO?

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes first: SEO stands for search engine optimization.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the curtain, but to keep it simple for beginners, SEO involves research (don’t get up – we’ve got it) to find your target audience, their habits, and what those potential customers are searching for. Then it’s a matter of making sure that you show up on search engine results pages (aka Google)!

1. Extend Your Reach

The first reason is the most obvious — an SEO strategy helps you reach more customers. The role of an SEO strategy is to get your business listing onto the first page of search engine results pages (SERP), where searchers are more likely to find high-quality results. This is the opportunity to convert the searchers into customers. If you’re on the second or third page of the search rankings, most potential customers won’t even see you.

On a related note, an SEO strategy helps small business owners connect with those searching for a product or service you offer. There are people out there who need what you have, but don’t know your business exists. A marketing strategy that includes local SEO will help get your business exposure.

2. It Keeps You Informed

You need to know every part of how your business is performing. With an SEO strategy, you can be informed about parts of your business that you never even knew about. Finding out how long visitors stay on your site and what they click on can be a measure of the site’s usability. We can understand what customers are searching for to find you by doing keyword research to find search terms that your customers are using. We can check digital ad campaigns to see how they are performing and what words are getting users to click.

Everything in digital marketing is data-driven and quantifiable. Try measuring the success of a billboard, commercial, or mailer!

3. Your Competition Is Already Doing it

It’s time to face the facts: Your competitors are already taking advantage of all that SEO strategy has to offer. Their web pages are ranking higher than yours on local searches, hitting target keywords, and customers are finding their businesses easily. Consequently, your potential customers are heading to your competition to spend their dollars.

4. SEO Is a Long-Term Strategy

If the ultimate goal for your small business is growth, then an SEO strategy is vital to your eventual success. Once your business is showing up well on the search engine results pages, you are likely to remain there for a long time, with just some maintenance required to remain there.

Traditional marketing and advertising methods, on the other hand, appear and are quickly forgotten.

Small Business SEO Services at Lift Marketing

You need an SEO agency with insight into modern digital marketing methods, as well as knowledge of the local community. The SEO experts at Lift Marketing do just that. First, we’ll get together with you to understand you, your business, and your goals. From there, we’ll make recommendations about the measures we can implement. Then we get to the real work: we perform an SEO audit on your site to improve its SEO quality to make it appear higher in organic search results. It’s all about making your website more attractive to the algorithm that search engines like Google operate on. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the metrics provided by Google analytics that show how your website performs over time.

We don’t keep secrets; we’ll educate you every step of the way so you know what we’re doing and why. You’ll learn all the terminology (things like on-page SEO, technical SEO, backlinks, link building, and meta descriptions).

Simply put, Lift Marketing does the SEO work so you can focus on running your business!

Lift Marketing Is Your Digital Marketing Solution

SEO isn’t the only service that Lift Marketing can do for your business. If you need a website built or redesigned for a better user experience, we’ve got you. If your page speed is too slow, we can get your site faster hosting. We can do things like content marketing, which involves the creation of quality content like videos, blogs, and social media posts. We’ll set up a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) so that your business can benefit from all of the advantages that Google offers to small operations like yours.

Contact the SEO crew at Lift Marketing today and get your small business lifted!