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How to Use a Google Business Profile

Let’s set the scene.

So you’re a business owner ready to branch out into the digital marketing world but aren’t quite sure where to start. Hours of research have led you down many virtual rabbit holes. You just want to grow your brand, but now you have more questions than before.

We have the answer. Learn how to use your Google Business Profile (GBP). Because we’re so awesome, this blog walks you through what a Google Business Profile is, how to make one, and explains why optimizing it is so damn important.

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What You Gotta Know About Off-Page SEO

In simple terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of actions you take to get your website found. You DO want it found, don’t you? Of course! But not all SEO is the same. For starters, there’s on-page SEO, which covers all of the strategies on your website to improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). On-page SEO includes important factors like high-quality content, internal linking, and optimization of heading, image, and title tags.

Already confused? Refresh your knowledge of on-page SEO if you need to, but come right back!

But that’s not what this blog is about. So, what is off-page SEO? Sometimes called “off-site SEO,” this umbrella term covers all the strategies used off of a web page to improve its search engine ranking factor. Let’s find out about what they are and how they help your page ranking, which, in turn, helps your site get found by searchers.

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What’s the Buzz About SEO Audits?

Your small business has recently launched a new site. Good job! Now you need to see if this part of your digital marketing plan is working. There’s only one problem: you don’t know how to figure that out. Don’t fret; our SEO experts are here to save the day and help you through this.

You need an SEO audit. Don’t freak out – it’s not bad. Many factors affect a site’s position in search results, but some simple tweaks can make a big difference. In this blog, we’ll break down what the SEO audit process is so your brand can be as awesome as us – uh, you.

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Is Your Website’s Technical SEO Holding it Back?

Is your website holding you back from getting the search traffic you deserve? It may not be what’s on your site — technical SEO issues could prevent ranking well with search engines.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to fix these problems, and we know how. (Don’t worry, we’ll share!) Learn some of the most common issues preventing your website from getting found on Google (or other search engines if you’re into that sort of thing).

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What is On-page SEO and How Does it Affect Your Website?

If there’s anything we enjoy talking about, it’s search engine optimization, or SEO. Why? It’s arguably the most important component of websites. No SEO (page ranking), no web traffic. Plus, we like to stay on top of trends and best practices then pass that information to you.

Today we’re taking it a step further with SEO best practices. What is on-page SEO, and how can you optimize your site for the best search results? As part of your digital marketing strategy, you should incorporate some practices that will help make on-page SEO the best for you.

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What is a Local SEO Campaign? Walking You Through the Foundation

Your small business serves the local community. Customers searching for local businesses are looking to find you and your business. How did that happen? Through a local SEO campaign.

A local seo campaign is a digital marketing strategy that helps businesses rank higher in Google when customers search for your goods or services, or similar brands. We get it – this is technology and it can seem like a lot. But don’t worry. We’re pros at this stuff. We’re going to explain how local SEO can benefit your business and about Google Business Profile so searchers can find you online.

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4 Reasons Why Small Business SEO Strategy Is Crucial

You’ve got a great product or a unique service. You’ve opened your brick-and-mortar location, or maybe your eCommerce site is now up and running. You’re ready for customers, but why aren’t they showing up?

Well, are you ranking in Bing or Google search engine results? Is your small business website search engine optimized?

In today’s world, you can’t rely on clients to find you by accident, word of mouth, or dumb luck. YOUR small business needs an SEO strategy, and here’s why…

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